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About Nirmal Kayaz

Today the entire world is suffering from lifestyle diseases with conventional treatments complicating matters further & robbing patients of their health & money.

NIRMAL KAYAZ (meaning pure bodies) has been set up near Kalighat tram depot with an aim to impart complete natural health solutions - making people disease free & healthy through Authentic Keralian Ayurvedic panchkarma, Siddha, Marma & Homoeopathic & other holistic treatments We have developed MIRACULOUS NATURAL TREATMENTS for CANCER, KIDNEY FAILURE, HEART BLOCKAGE, ARTHRITIS, PARALYSIS,PROSTRATE ENLARGEMENT & PROSTRATE CANCER/ GALL BLADDER/KIDNEY/PANCREAS STONE REMOVAL WITHOUT SURGERY.

We treat ALL chronic life threatening & disabling diseases without any side effects including allergies/ alkalosis, arthritis, gout, rheumatism, back & joint pain/asthma & respiratory/bladder, urinary & Prostate/blood pressure & stress/depression/diabetes/ epilepsy / eye / hair & scalp/ infertility & gynecological/ insomnia & sleep / liver & stomach / mental / migraine / obesity / osteoporosis / paralysis / piles, fissure, fistula /psoriasis & skin / erectile dysfunction & sexual / sciatica / slipped disk & spondylosis/ Alzheimer’s, mental disorders etc. etc.